Meaning Behind “The Last Jedi,” Title Suggests Several Possibilities


Bradley Templeton, Writer

After the exciting first movie of the new Star Wars trilogy, “The Force Awakens” was released, longtime fans of the series were analyzing each scene for questions in the plot that would be answered in the next movie, “The Last Jedi.” Disney and LucasFilm brilliantly set this up so that they would bring people into the theaters. This way, fans could find out as soon as possible. Here are three theories that explain the title of “The Last Jedi.” Potential spoilers are ahead, so tread lightly.


  • Luke dies? The title “The Last Jedi,” should already be synonymous with the assumption that the Jedi will end, but why? And who will be the last Jedi? One theory is that Luke Skywalker is considered to be the last Jedi and Rey, the main protagonist, will not complete her Jedi training, thus never fully becoming a Jedi. Most guess that Luke will die by the hand of Kylo Ren, as it shows in promotional footage that at one point Luke is looking at something with the reflection of a red lightsaber, at least proving that he comes into contact with a Sith.
  • Do the Sith win in the end? When the original trilogy of “Star Wars” came out, at the end of the second movie, “The Empire Strikes Back,” the Empire had won the planet Hoth, prompting a triumphant return in the third act. After all of the similarities between “A New Hope” and “The Force Awakens”, it’s not crazy to assume that “The Last Jedi” will have the same parallels.
  • The Jedi Order returns? It’s explained that Luke left to remake the Jedi Order but was disillusioned after Kylo Ren’s betrayal. Maybe when Rey is trained and Luke eventually meets his end, she can bring about a new order that uses both light and dark to form a grey order.