Diet Soda Ban

Gage Terrian, Writer

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Since its ingenious creation in 1982, diet soda has saved millions of people from intaking 140 to 240 calories and the regular soda’s high amounts of sugar. Diet soda also allows people to enjoy their favorite soda drink, even if they are trying to watch their weight and save on calories. Some people consume diet soda because it contains less caffeine than its sugary counterpart, as well, allowing people to enjoy their favorite caffeinated soda without having to intake large amounts of caffeine. Plus, it allows people to conveniently moderate their caffeine intake without the worry of crashing later due to overconsumption.

Although most people think diet soda is affecting them in a positive way, what they don’t realize is that diet soda is slowly killing people who drink it daily, and it isn’t helping them lose or moderate their weight at all. Since diet soda does not actually help people lose weight, as advertised, all diet soda in the U.S. should be banned due to its deceptive and false use of the word “diet.”

“Diet” soda is not only “false advertising,” but it also causes various severe health problems, and despite the soda’s brilliant use of the word “diet,” it dramatically increases your risk of diabetes.

According to Mandy Oaklander in Time magazine, “in 2009, a study showed that a person who consumes “diet” sodas daily has an increased risk of type 2 diabetes by 67%”. Although “diet” soda claims to be healthier for people to consume rather than regular soda, it still dangerously increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, and if anything, “diet” soda is supposed to decrease that risk since it contains zero calories and zero sugar.  It makes you more likely to reach for junk food because of chemicals in the sweeteners.

Another huge thing most big soda companies don’t advertise is that most sweeteners in “diet” soda contain mold inhibitors which are gruesome for the body, disturbing its natural process. A study done by found that “sodium and potassium benzoate contain mold inhibitors which can cause damage to your bodies cells and it is related to hives asthma and other allergic conditions”.  Since the thousands of mold inhibitors in sweeteners can cause asthma “diet” soda should be declared a health violation.

Since strangling you to death isn’t enough of a joy kill for “diet” soda, it also causes metabolic syndrome. “If you consume one diet soda a day it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart disease by 43%” according to an article by Mary Squillace on Even the slightest increase in these soul-ripping conditions should disgust and anger anyone that thinks about drinking a diet soda, because not only do these conditions lead to paralysis, they can also help you open up the pearly gates.

Big soda companies advertise diet sodas’ huge advantage of losing weight and feeling healthier even though their drinks are natural fertilizer for the human body.  “Occasional diet soda drinkers gained three times more belly fat and increased their waist size by 1.83 in compared to the .8 in gained by non-drinkers” according to Lenny Bernstein in the Washington Post.

Due to the fact that diet soda doesn’t help at all at losing body fat, it becomes obsolete and useless. You’re better off drinking soda with extreme amounts of high fructose corn syrup. According to Bernstein, “ Sweeteners in diet sodas mess with gut bacteria in a way which increases insulin resistance and glucose intolerance which sends your body into fat storage mode and it does lead to weight gain.”

“Diet” soda essentially teaches your body the process of becoming fat and accelerates the process for some people who desperately need to lose that weight.

When people claim they are drinking “diet” soda to lose weight, a lot of them are too manipulated to know how badly they are actually destroying their body. Despite the drink having zero calories, zero sugar, and zero nutrients it deteriorates your body slowly closing the gap towards the end of your life.  With “diet” sodas zero benefits, we shouldn’t be allowed to drink these products, let alone sell them in grocery stores, hospitals, and/or public schools. All of these disgusting “diet” drinks should be permanently banned or boycotted until the companies or the FDA takes serious action because most people don’t know the extreme harm they are causing their body by consumption. So next time you decide to slurp down another refreshing “diet” Dr. Pepper, you should be visualizing a bullet passing through your heart, because that is what you are doing.