“The Bachelor” Behind the Scenes

Love comes at a high cost


Raija Kearney, Photography Editor

The hit ABC reality show , “The Bachelor,” kicked off the new year with its 22nd season premiere on Monday, January 1. This season’s bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., is in search to find the love of his life after striking out of season eight of “The Bachelorette.” Luyendyk fell head over heels for that season’s bachelorette, Emily Maynard. He was runner up for Maynard’s love and quit searching to go home and work on his career in real estate and racing.

Well, he is back in the love game and ready to commit to one woman. Luyendyk’s season is filled with girls desperate for his attention and love. From fellow real estate agents to taxidermists, this season is nothing short of a thrill ride.

With all of these women pining for his attention, viewers are quick to choose their favorites for the season, but how much do we really know about the contestants? For example, what do the women have to do to be qualified to compete for love?

First of all, many think the show is super high-maintenance. All women on this show are required to do their own hair and makeup. The first night, to give the ladies a nice treat, they all get to have their hair and makeup professionally done, but after that, they’re all on their own. They also have to provide their own wardrobe, which means a new evening gown for each after-date cocktail party and all rose ceremonies. This can obviously run a high bill for the women.

The winner from Sean Lowe’s season, Catherine Guidici, said in an interview with Bustle that when everyone first arrives to the mansion, they are all given gifts: “a piece of luggage with a ton of clothing, jewelry, and beauty [products]. There were bikinis, jewelry, and jeans. You could trade if they didn’t give you the right sizes. It was nice stuff!”

So although they had to provide their own evening gowns, they still got some nice compensation.

All women living in the house tend to live a normal life, minus the fact that they live in a mansion and they live with a lot of other women fighting for the same man. The contestants are all required to do their own cooking and laundry. The downfall to living like this is that they’re absolutely disconnected from all outside communication. It can get a little boring living in a house with nothing to do but each other’s hair, and lounge around all day. When arriving, the contestants are stripped of most of their personal belongings. This ensures that they talk to each other and focus on the one things they are sent there to do: get married.

A huge up for the girls is the food. Contestant Katie Levans told Bustle that there was more than enough food to go around at all times. The producers of the show are required to keep the fridge stocked at all times, not only with general food, but things that are specific to each of the women’s dietary needs. Levans called the house a “well-stocked sorority house.” So if you’re going to be trapped in a house, it might as well be one with all of the food your heart desires.