Eight-Legged Fire



Micah Phillips, Social Media Editor

All of us have our own different fears and phobias. Many of our fears include heights, public speaking, and bugs. A man in Redding, California took his fear to the extreme when he found a spider in his apartment and used a lighter to kill the “huge wolf spider,” claimed the man’s caregiver.

The flaming spider ran around the room, going on top of a mattress, which proceeded to catch fire. This then caused a widespread fire in the apartment as the drapes and the man’s flag collection went up in flames. The fire on January 7 caused $11,000 in damage according to firefighters, and the occupants of the building were forced to find temporary housing as their homes await repairs.

A similar situation happened in Seattle in 2014. Another man’s home went up in flames when he tried to kill a spider with a can of spray paint and a lighter. No one was injured, but significant damage was caused to his home.