Cheese Bandit Strikes Again


Todd Wilkinsin

Jazmyne Boone, Writer

Todd Wilkinson, the facilities coordinator at Lake Fenton Middle School, has had someone putting cheese on his windshield. It all started about a year ago, with a cheese smiley face. Ever since then, it has been happening more and more.

He has his suspects, and believes that he will find out who is responsible for it. Some people have even been questioned about it. He calls whoever is responsible for this, “The Cheese Bandit.” They come sometime during the night and Wilkinson has tried to catch them before.

“I sometimes stay up late and turn off all the lights and wait by the window to see if I can catch them. I just fall asleep and never see them.”

Wilkinson has had cheese on the hood of his car many times, but his favorite time that the Cheese Bandit “cheesed” him was for Easter.

“They filled an Easter basket with shredded cheese and a cheese Bunny. They hid plastic eggs around the yard. Inside each egg there was a letter. I thought it was going to spell out the Cheese Bandit’s name. It said ‘Happy Easter,’ ” said Wilkinson. The cheese bandit also struck for other holidays and events, such as New Year’s Eve, homecoming, graduation, and the 12 Days of Christmas, renaming it as the “12 Days of Cheesemas.”
Wilkinson doesn’t know why the cheese bandit chose to leave cheese on his car out of all things, and he is also the only member of his family that this is happening to. The situation is confusing, but he sees humor in it. Wilkinson said that the whole situation is “hilarious” and thinks the fact that someone takes the time and energy out of their day to do it is cool.