Students Who Have Part-Time Jobs

Are these jobs helping develop important life skills, or are they only to pay the bills?

Tyler Nelson, Business Manager

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Teenagers have more of an advantage now compared to teens about 15-20 years ago because of the technological advancement that has happened within the past two decades. But along with these advances, something else has advanced, like the number of teenagers who have a job. According to, “In July 2017, the youth unemployment rate, at 9.6 percent, was 1.9 percentage points lower than last July. This represents the lowest summer youth unemployment rate since July 2000.” So this past summer, in America, 1.9% of teenagers ages 16-24 did not have a job. That means that 98.1% were working throughout that time.

There is one thing that factors into these teenagers having jobs, and most speculate that it is only for the “fun stuff” such as movies, junk food, and nights out on the town. But in reality, a certain percentage of teenagers need these jobs to support themselves. There are teenagers who live on their own and need maybe not just one, but two part-time jobs just to make ends meet; they don’t have these jobs “just for fun,” but because of necessity. Most teens don’t have this problem specifically, but some teens still need to support other aspects of their life. Just food for thought, but not everyone comes from a wealthy home. Some have to pay for their own gas, insurance, cars, repairs to their cars, food, clothing, and products that they may need.

On the topic of school work, it really depends on the student and type of job they have to determine whether or not it affects their grades. When teens are working, that’s less time that can be used for homework or studying. They somehow prevail either by not doing the assignments until the morning, or staying up late nights to finish. Those teens are in jeopardy of sleep deprivation and that can cause more stress on the mind and body. It could also be a gateway to drugs and alcohol based on peer pressure from co-workers.

The good side of having a job is they help keep teens in a stable environment, depending on what situations they may face at home, and they may help teens stay out of trouble with drugs and alcohol.