Hailey Johnston

This is one of Younglife’s camps in Michigan, Timber Wolf Lake.

Allison Hathaway, Writer

Younglife is known as a Christian ministry nonprofit organization that has a mission. Their calling is to introduce teenagers to Jesus Christ as well as help them with the growth of their faith. Younglife accomplishes their mission by preparing kids for a life-long relationship with Christ as well as a love for His word. Other ways that this mission is accomplished is by providing skill-building experiences that will be life-changing.

The values of Younglife are a key factor of what it’s all about. These values include the scripture, which helps Younglife rely on the Holy Spirit to power their ministry, all kids, which refers to their mission of reaching out to adolescents, diversity, stating that both men and women of all ethnicities are able to join, and the gospel, so they live according to and communicate the whole gospel of Jesus. Although, Younglife wouldn’t be anything without its history.

Dating all the way back to the early 1930s, an elderly woman, Clara Frasher, gathered a group of her friends to pray for the students who were currently attending Gainesville High School in Texas. About six years later, young seminarian Jim Rayburn began a Miracle Book Club in Gainesville. In fact, as Rayburn was developing this program, he began to work with the local pastor, Clyde Kennedy. The pastor was also concerned about the teens of his town, since they showed no interest toward the church programs, so he hired Rayburn to have a part-time job within the church to achieve something beyond the walls that was vital. This was the first true story representing the development of Younglife.

Younglife’s mission is still, to this day, dedicated to expressing their love to Christ. In fact, their mission is a success in spite of all the relationships involved. For instance, Wyldlife is for kids in middle school, Younglife is for students in high school, and Young Life College is a program for those at a university. In addition to the last three ministries listed, there’s a ministry that revolves around kids with special needs, and it helps them expand boundaries and open their hearts to the love of Jesus. This ministry is known as “Young Life Capernaum.”

The ministries of Younglife have ways to help you better your relationship with Christ. There are opportunities to go on trips that can either help you with your spiritual connection, or it can help those in need in other countries around the world. The trips are mainly about enhancing your relationship with Christ, but you can have fun doing so. At these camps, kids are treated with resort-like qualities. There, kids can get away from the struggles of their everyday lives and have fun with their friends as well as their Younglife leaders, all while hearing about the God’s messages of love in ways that they can understand.

Younglife offers international opportunities, as well. These opportunities are available in more than 90 countries around the world. The sole purpose is to look beyond the borders of your country to see where else God is at work. For example, you can get a look at the rural villages of Africa, or even Latin American barrios. Younglife gives you the opportunity to go to these places and make a difference for the people that live there.

All around the world, Younglife is influencing adolescents and helping them gain relationships with God. They succeed in this mission by getting students to be prepared to have a life-long relationship with Christ.