Dr. Nassar Turned into Federal Prison Inmate


Micah Phillips, Social Media Editor

The sentencing news of Dr. Nassar on January 24 to 40 to 175 years in prison has spread throughout more than just gymnasts and clients; it is nationwide.  

Michigan State University still has to answer for the crimes of the physician who attended their medical school, and started working at their hospital in 1997.

Many of the girls who did not come forward immediately when they knew something was wrong were afraid of not being trusted, or not being right. Nassar would say that the way he was touching them was “medically necessary” and that there was nothing abnormal about it. He dismissed countless girls telling them that it was nothing out of the norm.

But starting in the 1990’s people spoke out, and have ever since. Yet this doctor was not given the punishment he deserved until the year 2018. How?

Kyle Stephens, the first known victim of Nassar, was silenced by her parents who believed the child molester over her. They said she was making things up and that their beloved family friend would do no such thing. Since the over 100 allegations came out, Stephen’s dad has committed suicide.

This renowned doctor destroyed over 150 girls’ lives by sexually assaulting them. The whole campus will be under investigation, and the lawsuits keep piling up, addressing how he hasn’t been punished for decades. Claims against the doctor were made since the 1990’s, but no action was taken.

Even in 2014, after a complaint from a patient, the university conducted an internal investigation only to end up clearing him because the woman didn’t understand the “nuanced difference” between sexual assault and an appropriate medical procedure. This investigation was never reported to federal authorities, allowing Nassar to keep preying on young girls.

Survivors and the public are demanding that Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics are held accountable for their failure to protect these women when they needed it the most.

On Thursday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that her department would investigate the university’s role, and state legislators have asked that the university provide the records of its investigations of Dr. Nassar. Legislatures have also threatened to issue subpoenas if the school does not cooperate.

Since then, Michigan State University President, Lou Ann Simon, and Athletic Director Mark Hollis, have stepped down.

If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted, tell a trusted adult. Make sure action is taken. National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline phone number: 800-656-HOPE (4673).