Matt Patricia Becomes New Lions’ Head Coach


The Lions are in a huddle, and they are making a game plan during one of their football games.

Allison Hathaway, Writer

After his former team, the New England Patriots, lost Super Bowl LII to the Philadelphia Eagles, defensive coordinator Matt Patricia finally confirmed his new position by signing with the Detroit Lions as their new head coach.

Patricia didn’t just have a coaching career, he has a degree in aeronautical engineering. He also had a different job – as an application engineer in Syracuse, NY – before his coaching career took flight.  So, Patricia has experience- having both a background in coaching and a background in engineering – and this helped him benefit the Patriots. He was able to produce game plans by using advanced math as well as analytics, and this is a factor that can help the Lions.

In fact, since he had the opportunity to work under Bill Belichick for over a decade, he has had many  jobs. As an offensive assistant, assistant offensive line coach, linebackers coach, safeties coach, and defensive coordinator, Patricia has learned to have a few tricks up his sleeve. For instance, Patricia used a technique — borrowed from Belichick — where he would test the linebackers of the Patriots, sometimes in actual print, to see how much they knew about the defensive schemes of their upcoming opponents. He wanted them to know as much as they could, so the Patriots would be more prepared. Patricia put in the extra effort so he could thrive for success. The Patriots saw a coach with compassion, confidence, and potential.

The Lions wanted him all along. Bob Quinn knew he was a top target. Both Quinn, as well as Patricia, have similar mindsets, and that is why Quinn thinks he was the high-valued asset that he was looking for. However, many of the former coaches and coordinators that worked under Bill Belichick have attempted to be like him, and barely any of them have succeeded.

Being hired by the Lions comes with a lot of responsibility, extra efforts, and commitment. Patricia is being trusted to attempt to change the reputation of a franchise that has a history of winning one playoff game within the Super Bowl era. Being mentored under Bill Belichick has paid off, but now Patricia has control over his own team, and he’s here to help lead the Lions to victory.