Florida Shooting

Bradley Templeton, Writer

For the first time since I’ve begin my tenure in the journalism class, I’m finally going to do something I’ve never done before: talk in first person. Yes, you are correctly reading this, Brad Templeton is speaking about a something and giving his opinion. Throughout my two years in this program, I’ve managed to go about all of this without saying anything about myself, something I’m very proud of. But one large issue might have to ruin that all. That issue has to do with the shooting that took place in Florida recently, leaving me genuinely worried for American society as a whole.

When the next school day came around after the news broke, I saw smiling faces and heard hallways full of muffled giggles as students, by and large, acted as if nothing happened. In conversations with friends I felt as if it was just a normal day.

Then I realized something, it was just another day. This has happened so much that we as a society are used to it. We don’t care anymore about those who lose their lives just going to school, or the parents seeing their kids leave not realizing that was the last time they would ever see them again.

We have to find some way to get rid of this. America is the only country that seems to be having this problem at this severity. Conservatives blame liberals, liberals blame conservatives. I blame both. I blame this divisive election year. I blame the misinformation that is being spread throughout the country. Most of all, I blame us. All of us. We can do better than this. I think it’s time for everyone to stop pointing the finger and really take a good look in the mirror. Because this tragedy and the others were caused by us. All of us.