Arming Teachers

Will bringing weapons in to keep them out work?

Samantha Burtch, Writer

After all the horrible events that have recently taken place, a new solution has been lingering around the news. President Donald Trump is a big fan of gun control, but now he is also thinking about arming teachers, so they not only can have offense in these situations, but defense as well. The real question is, will fighting off weapons using more weapons really work, or is the real solution just to prepare ourselves more and keep ourselves protected hands-on?

Some may agree with the arming teachers solution, which is Donald Trump’s side as well. Trump said, “If the bad guy thinks that somebody is in this room with a weapon that’s going to be pointed at him with live bullets, he’s not even going into the school. When you have a gun-free zone, you are really inviting people to come in, [do what they want] and get out,” according to The top law enforcement official in Polk County, Florida, says his department has started a program that will arm and train teachers in schools. “We had coaches that ran to stand in front of their students with no gun,” the sheriff said, “Why not give them a fighting chance?”

Now on the opposite side of things, where weapons should be kept off of school premises, this is the side of most teachers and students. Progressive Christian Vance Morgan has a really interesting view on this matter. He said, “ To propose that the best solution to gun violence in schools is to arm teachers, is to say “we give up.” Or at least to say “we would rather sacrifice the sanctity of our most precious environments of goodness than seriously consider limiting our supposed freedom to do whatever the hell we want to do.”

Many teachers agree that if or when the day comes of bringing weapons into their sacred teaching grounds, it will be their last day teaching. Some may say that attacking violence with violence isn’t the right solution, it’s just making more people prowling and angry.

What needs to be known is that it’s not the weapons doing the murdering, it’s not the bullets’ fault, but it’s humanity’s fault; they are the ones pulling the trigger. From putting guns in school and bringing police on the premises to not going to school, none of this is truly going to end this madness. People- that’s the real solution. Being prepared and safe is always an excellent idea, but the only way to stop this is society itself. Hopefully things will change for the United States, because the way the world is today is such a tragic sight. One lost life due to poor judgement and corrupt character is a miscarriage of justice to all of us who need to be served.