Famous Faults

Motives behind infamous assassinations



Abigail Ramsey, Writer

    When someone famous is assassinated, the media is flooded with their news. One of the most prevalent questions asked is, “Why did they do it?”

    There are many different reasons for someone to assassinate a famous figure, so it’s difficult to pinpoint why they would kill someone. Every situation is different; for example Robert Kennedy’s assassination. According to Biography.com, “Sirhan greatly resented Kennedy’s support of the Six-Day War intervention in Israel the previous year.” Sirhan disagreed with Kennedy’s actions which drove him to kill the presidential candidate.

    Another famous assassination was the one of Archduke Ferdinand. Gavrilo Princip’s motive was, “wanting to destroy Austro-Hungarian rule in the Balkans and to unite the South Slav peoples into a federal nation. He believed that the first step must be the assassination of a member of the Habsburg imperial family or a high official of the government,” according to John P. Rafferty from Britannica.com.

    One of the most famous American assassinations was that of Abraham Lincoln in 1864. John Wilkes Booth loved the south and he saw Lincoln as representing everything that the south was not. He was responsible for freeing the slaves, and Booth may have thought the south would be worse off.

    There are many things that might drive someone to kill a famous figure, so it’s never an easy answer when the question is asked, “Why did they do it?” One thing is certain, when someone takes a stand for something, they not only risk public dislike, but also their lives.