Lake Fenton/Goodrich VS. Oxford Boys Lacrosse

Randa Lee, Writer

Kicking off the spring sports season the boys lacrosse team took a 11-0 loss this Wednesday night against Oxford. Being only a few days after tryouts and having many new players, the team worked very well together.

Head coach Tyler Stephens, has made sure his team was in shape for the season. They spent long hours in the weight room and on the field working on basic skills and new techniques. The assistant coaches, Jared (Nino) Hernandez and Hunter Gutherie, both Goodrich graduates and previous players of the combined “Lakerich” team, have helped teach the newbie players the proper rules and tactics to the game.

Since boys lacrosse in a more physical sport between the two teams there were two penalties within the first half of the game and several flags thrown. Both teams suffered an injury of a player and from Lake Fenton, it was Elijah Oubre, senior from Lake Fenton. He went to block a shot and got hit in the hip bone by the ball. He was out for the remainder of the game and possibly for the next. Both he and Goodrich’s Tristen Wenzel swap who takes the face-offs. Hopefully, Oubre makes a fast recovery since it is his last year playing for the team.

Fans have to give props to the boys; they worked hard and did their best only having a week to prepare for this game. The freezing cold weather did not seem to have an effect on their playing or on the crowd of parents cheering their team on. Hopefully with more practice and strong teamwork the boys lacrosse team can make a comeback at their next game.