Minecraft+Call of Duty+Hunger Games=Fortnite

Micah Phillips, Social Media Editor

As 2018 rolled around a new trend occurred in the gaming community. The new game of the year? “Fortnite.“

Fortnite is a game where you play “live” with other people. Many equate it to a mix between “Minecraft,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Call of Duty.” It seems that many high school and even middle school students are obsessed with the game, and enjoy showing off their “#1 Victory Royale!” on all forms of social media.

A player give a brief description this game: “You can have up to 100 people in a game. You can either play solo, duo, or squads up to four. You start by getting in the battle bus, which is basically a plane and it goes in a straight line over the map. You skydive into a city of your choice, you then look for either weapons or healing items to fill up your backpack (five slots). These items will be found either in a house/hut or in a chest. You also want resources like wood, brick, or metal to be able to build when getting shot at or to build a base. You then try to ‘kill’ other players in the game and when you ‘kill’ them you will get all of their guns and resources that they have collected. The game is over when you and your teammates die or get a victory royale (win) by ‘killing’ everyone else.”

This game has caused some aggravation on social media to some. Many people complain that they don’t care about seeing these victories every time they open up Snapchat, and many can’t seem to get their friends or significant others to get off the game when they want to hangout or just talk. This game has definitely caused tension in relationships.

Why is this game so addicting? I am not sure myself, but the game is taking over the gaming community. When asked why they think this game is so addicting another player said, “iI takes the values of three famous and fun games and puts [them] together.”

This game doesn’t seem like it is a trend that is going to come and go so easily. This game will probably stay around for quite some time due to its success and the strong and dedicated population that plays it.