Ms. Dieck

Subbing for Mr. Grigas during his leave

Emily Lemerand, Writer

Karlie Dieck is a Blue Devils 2012 high school alumnae who never imagined being back in a Lake Fenton classroom. Although, this time, her position has changed. During teacher Joe Grigas’ leave, she has taken this opportunity to seek a career change. Dieck was accepted into Lawrence Tech. University to play basketball and ended up graduating from the University of Michigan-Flint.

“My plan originally was to go to medical school, but I realized that was not really what I wanted to do and I took this year to start subbing to see if I liked teaching; I ended up falling in love with it,” Dieck said. Many students enjoy being in her classroom, as she can relate to them because of her young age.

Dieck is now working with the teachers who taught her throughout high school, “It’s just really nice getting to know them on a personal level and understand all the work that they do to help students succeed,” said Dieck. She now understands that teachers have to make decisions to help benefit their students, whether they understand it or not.

Throughout the past months, Dieck has started to understand that teachers play an important role in shaping students lives. Only time will tell if Dieck is able to permanently take the position next year.