Art Show

Kylie Stowe, Writer

The Lake Fenton art show took place on Thursday, March 15 in the high school commons. The art show showcased kindergarten through 12th grade, with the biggest attraction being the monster project, a K-12 project stemming from the first graders drawing their monster creation to the middle schoolers recreating the drawing and then the high schoolers creating a clay statue based off the drawing. Parents and students enjoyed the artwork along with a face painting station and crafts.  

“Art is something I like to do on my free time and the only reason I come to school,” said senior Koda Dolak. Dolak showcased one of his pieces, a shattered image, showing flowers and a bee.

Liliana Benjamin, an 11th grader, has been in studio art for two years and plans on taking it for a third year.

“Art is fun.. I guess. It’s a lot of work, it pays off when you hear what people have to say about my art. A lot of my art is inspired by music and people around me; I get people requesting me to paint pictures of them,” said Benjamin.

Donations were given to the Lake Fenton Fine Arts; the art show raised around $175 dollars. This money will help the teachers buy supplies that the school district is not able to provide.