Spring Fling

Logan Shanafelt, Social Media Editor

The 12th annual Spring Fling made its rounds again at Lake Fenton High School, featuring kindergarten through second grade.  The students sang songs, grade by grade, and to finalize their performance, the first and second graders joined on stage for one big song.

The classes have been preparing for this performance for quite some time now. With all the snow days, most of them falling on the days music teacher, Rachel Solgat, would have worked with the West Shore students, there have been some conflicts. Solgat announced, with the cooperation of all the teachers at West Shore, that those conflicts could not show during the performance.

Kennedy, a performer at the Spring Fling said that her favorite part of being on stage is singing. When asked why, she said, “Because it is fun!”

Another Spring Fling performer, Timmy Meissner, did not agree with Kennedy. When asked about what his favorite part was about being on stage, he said, “Nothing.” But, big sister, Katelyn Siebert, did say that he dabbed a couple of times while singing his little heart out.

Not only was there singing involved, but there were also instruments involved as well. Some students were chosen to play instruments such as the xylophone, glockenspiel, triangle, hand drums and many more instruments of that nature. Kadyn Hager, a performer who happened to play one of the instruments said that playing an instrument was his favorite part of the show.