Technology Is Taking Over Society

Allison Hathaway, Writer

Do you use technology? If so, how long do you use it within the span of 24 hours? If I’m being honest, technology is used a lot every day, however, sometimes that isn’t such a good thing.

Technology is being used in almost everything electric. It’s used in things ranging from self-driving cars to face-scanning smartphones. However, having so many things in society  involving technology can be dangerous. There are hackers out there and they can get to your credit cards, into your car systems, and then the next thing you know, you have nothing because hackers took it all away. These hackers could be US citizens, or, worst case scenario, they are terrorists. Also, technology takes away from books because it’s making its way through school. So, it’s out with the books and then in with the tech.

Lake Fenton Community Schools has been discussing using e-books versus using books in print. According to some of the staff members, the students might find it easier using an actual book where they can flip the pages, and I agree with this. This is because they don’t have to wait for an online book to load and the computer will also hurt people’s eyes if they are staring at the screen for too long. In a way, online books are less convenient in comparison to regular print books and this is because online there is more work involved and print books don’t have to load or lag.

Lake Fenton math teacher Kirk Ayotte has hardcover textbooks for his math classes and according to him, “the students would rather have the hard copies.”  

Also, for the English teachers, it would be harder to switch from print books to online books because these teachers don’t just use textbooks; they also use novels. This would be a hard switch for them because the novels that they use are copyrighted and it would be hard to find an online version of a book that has copyrights. According to English teacher Lauren Kondrat, she said that “it’s good to give screens to kids, but too much isn’t such a good thing. Looking at a screen can cause your comprehension level to go down.”

Books seem to have more realism compared to the internet. There are things all over the web that are fake. Have you ever heard the phrase, “don’t always believe what you read?” Well, that phrase is true when it comes to the internet because there are items like clickbait or other sites that take you to inaccurate information.

Overall, e-books work with textbooks, but they aren’t as convenient compared to books that are in print. If they made the switch from print to online, then this switch shouldn’t include the English teachers so then they can keep using their novels. Although, I’d personally rather have books to use at school and if I still had homework in that class, then I would use an online book to finish my incomplete homework. Books are a necessity under certain circumstances, but sometimes there needs to be a little technology involved.