Two Faces: Walkout Opposing Sides


Abigail Ramsey, Writer

Since the National School Walkout on March 14, many opposing opinions have surfaced. Portions of students were still in classes while their peers stepped outside. Why did these students stay indoors as their friends joined students around the country?

   The students who joined the walkout had their own reasons behind doing it. Some simply wanted to honor the students who had died in the Parkland shooting while others made it a statement for gun control. Meanwhile,  others chose to stay inside as their own way of protesting. Schools remained down the middle, with some fully supporting the walkout while others kept their students from leaving.

    With more walkouts to come, tension grows between both sides. Why do some choose to oppose the protests while others fully support it? There are reasons to both sides that don’t make this situation as cut and dry as one might think. Here are their reasons:


    The Walkout

  • There are beliefs that standing up for stricter gun laws in the country is the only way to protect students and staff alike.
  • Congress’ inaction when it comes to school shootings prompt frustration in many students and they want to make the government work toward preventing more mass shootings.
  • This is one way of honoring the kids who were killed in the school shootings of the last two decades.
  • The walkouts provide them an outlet to protest instead of sitting back and doing nothing. It gives them a voice in the world of media and politics.
  • Guns are dangerous, but many of the protesters only want to take away AR-15s and other larger assault rifles. They’re willing to keep smaller guns.


    The Opposition

  • Some believe walking out of schools to stand outside will only be more dangerous.
  • There are many more ways of protesting that aren’t walkouts that might be more effective.
  • Many see the walkouts as an excuse to get out of school, and while many schools try stopping their students from walking out, many more support them by refraining from giving punishments to their students.
  • Many believe that there are better ways of restricting guns than what the majority of walkout protesters are asking for, so they don’t support their movement.
  • They want to honor the dead a different way from what the walkout protesters are asking. Instead of protests, they want memorials and others. Politics should stay out of honoring the dead.