Senioritis Can Damage College Plans


Senioritis may seem like a joke, but it’s serious business when students can lose a scholarship or college acceptance.

Jazmyne Boone, Writer

As May gets closer, more seniors are looking forward to graduating high school and leaving Lake Fenton High School in the past. For some students, senioritis is kicking in and their motivation for anything related to school is declining. Senioritis is a decline in motivation and an increase in procrastination that strikes students in their last year of high school or college. Some think it’s a myth, but others claim that for them it’s reality. When asked if he believes in senioritis, senior Elan Hagenstein  said, “For sure; I’ve had it since freshman year.”

What some students do not know is that many scholarships are based off of GPA and require your final transcripts. So, slacking off your final semester can backfire. According to The College Board, colleges revoke admission offers, put students on academic probation or change their financial aid packages because of “senioritis.” Colleges may also deny the admission of a student after acceptance if their grades drop for senior year.

According to The New York Times, The University of Michigan sent out three types of letters to incoming freshmen in 2007. They consisted of 62 warnings, 180 that were told to explain their failing grades in writing, and nine that revoked their admission and stated they “are not yet ready to undertake the demanding and competitive programs offered here.” The University of Michigan is not the only school to do this, with many other universities following their lead.

Not wanting to do your work is not the only reason students aren’t focused on school. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, a survey found that one of the main reasons seniors aren’t interested in school is due to an increase in drug use and problematic activities. Participating in these activities makes students want to be involved at school even less. Surveys also showed that more freshman believe they will have senioritis second semester, while on the other hand seniors said their grades second semester will not decline.

There are many steps you can take to avoid senioritis. Senior Lindsey Case said that future seniors should “try not to skip too much so you don’t get any detentions.” Some other tips for upcoming seniors and to avoid senioritis are to:

  • Keep a planner or to-do list and fill it out daily. Keeping track of assignments and due dates will help to keep grades up and one’s life organized.  
  • Remember that grades still matter. Colleges can still deny a student’s acceptance and change their minds if needed. Grades dropping can result in students paying for it, figuratively and literally.
  • Don’t give up, and stay motivated. Enjoy the last year of high school and the experience of being a senior, but stay focused on school.