October College Application Month

Where in the world are you going?

Brie Newcombe, Photography Editor

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October is known as “College Application Month.” Most high schools take time to talk to their seniors and help them apply to colleges. College Application Month means, for most schools, free applications. A senior applying to college would usually have to pay a fee to send in their application, but in the month of October many of those fees are waived. Which makes this the prime month to apply to colleges.

    In high schools, seniors are planning out where they want to attend and what they want to study. Here at Lake Fenton High School, seniors are being visited by counselors to talk to them about college. They were taken through the Lake Fenton website to look at scholarship opportunities and find schools participating in College Application Month. Seniors who applied to a college, or colleges, in October would be put into a drawing with the chance to win a tablet.

    Picking a topic of interest to study could be difficult depending on the person, some people know exactly what they want to do while others take much longer. Jace Trenaman, a senior at Lake Fenton, is going into manufacturing and engineering. He did not take very long to choose his major because, as he says, “I’ve always been interested in computer manufacturing.”