Second Annual Fall Color Run

Just run!

T-shirt given at last color run, spritzed with color.

Emily Lemerand

T-shirt given at last color run, spritzed with color.

Emily Lemerand, Co Print Editor

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Lake Fenton High School’s class of 2020 held their second annual Fall Color Run, encouraging students, staff, families, and the community to participate. The proceeds from this event profit the class of 2020 and mainly go toward prom.

The color run was held October 20, and made over $500, looking promising to the junior class. When asked about the success of the 2017 fall color run, Allison Hathaway (class of 2020 Secretary) replied with, “Yes, everyone got colored, and had fun even though it was cold.”

The class of 2020 runs this event with the help of class sponsor, Kathleen Schurig and the Junior Student Council. All of the Lake Fenton Community is welcome to volunteer, attend, and participate in the event for a cost of $20. More specifically, this event is meant to target all students at Lake Fenton high school planning on attending prom.

“Based on the past, I feel like not that many people have signed up compared to this year and I feel like this year it will be just as successful with just not as many people,” quoted Hathaway before the event. Although, Powers Catholic Girls Cross Country team made a visit to the color run, with a total of 28 runners participating.

A perfect prom means money needs to be spent. Librarian, Mrs. Alexander, has attended the run both this year and last with her husband. When asked if students should participate in the run she responded with, “Always, that’s what it takes to run a fundraiser, and its fun.” For further questions ask class sponsor, Ms. Schurig.