Meaningful Tattoos of Lake Fenton High School

Veronica Cechanowicz, Writer

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Throughout history tattoos have been given and received to represent significant parts in lives or things that are important to us. To take a look at the important elements in people’s lives at Lake Fenton, a few students were interviewed to see what their tattoos mean to them and the stories behind them.

Mrs. Kondrat, a beloved teacher at LFHS, has 5 tattoos which are all important to her but one of her favorites, she says, is the one on her left wrist that says “Hey, Boo.” It’s in reference to one of her favorite books To Kill a Mockingbird, and is yet to be finished. She wants a continuation of the tattoo down her forearm of a tree that she hopes could be drawn by a student at LFHS so it has more meaning to her. So, any students with an artistic hand, go talk to Mrs. Kondrat and you could be the student to design her tattoo!

Veronica Cechanowicz

Bri Mance, a student at LFHS, is a GCI student training to be in the Army and soon, she will be moving to California. She loves expressing herself through art and the ocean is her favorite place in the world. She has a simplistic tattoo of the sun and ocean on her ribs as a reflection of her personality and how tattoos bring her happiness in a way. She says that it reflects her personality because, “the ocean soothes my soul and it’s my happy place. When I’m out there on the waves I feel like everything bad in the world doesn’t exist.”

Veronica Cechanowicz

Zainab Al-amin, a senior at LFHS, has a tattoo of a “forget-me-not” flower on her wrist. She got the tattoo for her grandmother in the summer of 2016. It’s in representation of how much she cares about her grandmother and the love they share. Zainab says when she got the tattoo it was because she and her cousins had the idea to persuade their grandmother to get a tattoo with them. She said yes, only on the grounds that she got to pick the tattoo out.

Veronica Cechanowicz