Top Five Board Games

Brie Newcombe, Photography Editor

Most people remember playing some sort of board game when they were bored or stuck inside. Board games have been considered one of the best family activities for many years. Here are my top five board games.


 Monopoly is a classic board game owned by Hasbro. The game was created in 1935 and has been one of the most known board games for years. The premise of the game is to own as many spaces on the board as possible. All players start with a set amount of money and roll the dice to move forward. Monopoly is the kind of game one gets addicted to, and could take hours to complete.



 Chess is a logic based game that relies on the player to use strategy. Chess has been around since the sixth century. Some players compete in chess competitions that are highly prestigious and selective. The aim of this game is to get the opponent into checkmate.



The Game of Life was first published 1860 as a “life simulator”. It was later published in the modern version Life in 1960. The Game of Life was originally owned by Hasbro, but is now owned by Milton Bradley. The game is played with the idea of paying through a life, taxes and all. The player has many different options while playing, the ability to send your game life on different paths creates intrigue with players. The player starts with a set amount of money and has to end the game as a millionaire.



 Clue is yet another classic made by Hasbro, being around since 1949. The murder mystery is an intense game that relies on intuition and gut feelings. Clue is so widely known and popular that a movie was based around it in 1985, staring many well known actors and actresses. The game board consists of multiple rooms and secret doors. The aim of this game is to capture the murderer and survive the game.



Risk is a strategy game, also made by Hasbro, based on obtaining the enemies territory on a map of the Earth. The 1957 board game has been popular for its unique premise. Players enjoy the ability to feel powerful and have a sense of victory. While its complexity makes Risk more of an adult game, children enjoy it as well.