The home education of the 21st century

Samantha Burtch, Co Print Editor

Some may wonder what exactly homeschooling is, or what it is like to experience it. Homeschooling is the education of children at home or a variety of other places. Home education is usually conducted by a parent, tutor or online teacher.

Homeschooling can be used for many different reasons, such as someone who moves around a lot, social anxiety, or even just a preference. In fact, there are over two million home schooled children in the United States alone. Online Schooling is a great way to be able to function at your own pace, and some may even graduate early if they are doing a faster pace than others.

Keeley Furister is a homeschool student who attended Grand Blanc High School. She is a senior this year, doing her classes through K12. After asking a few questions, she concurred, “It’s pretty boring, but it’s easy though. It’s on a website, and they send you laptops, printers, and a few books. You get around 6 classes usually, you can even get gym.”

“The courses consist of lots of videos and activities to do. They also have some live lessons you can participate in around 8am, they tend to vary in length. You have a better schedule to do things on your own.”

Some may wonder if you ever make any friends if you decide to complete online schooling. She says, “When we have live lessons there is a chat room we can all chat through, they are usually pretty funny, just like normal public schools.”

Doing your classes from home isn’t much different from doing things at a school. But it does have some rewards such as later start hours, learning at you’re own pace, and getting more freedom and get to do things on your own terms. Homeschooling is a great alternative education.