Early Spring Break

Kerrigan Howdeshell, Writer

Lake Fenton’s spring break is earlier than it usually is. Not only is it earlier than usual, but Easter is not over spring break like it typically is.This year spring break starts on March 25th and goes until March 29th. In the past years is has been the first week of April.

I got a chance to talk with Lake Fenton’s superintendent, Julie Williams. When asked why spring break was changed this year, Mrs. Williams responded, “The main reason we changed spring break was due to the State testing window.  When our break was the first week of April, students were returning from break and having to take state assessments beginning on Tuesday.” Mrs. Williams also stated that “every school in Genesee County has changed their spring break to the last full week in March. The state requires school districts in the same county to operate on a common calendar for holiday breaks, so all schools in Genesee County had a discussion and agreed to change spring break.

Students use to have to come right back to school and then take the SAT, but now they get another week to prepare. Some of the students like the fact that they get a week off of school before having to take the big test. There is a window for the SAT testing and when asked about it, Williams responded,”The SAT test is administered on Tuesday, April 9th and the WorkKeys on April 10th. The PSAT 8/9 and PSAT 10 are administered on April 9th also.  High school students also have to take the MSTEP in 11th grade.”

This will allow students to have another week of school to prepare for this test that will play a big role on where student will be able to go for college. Furthermore, it will allow students to get back into a rhythm and be able to perform daily tasks that they wouldn’t be able to do during spring break.