Spring Forward

John Carter, Writer

Do you hate Spring Forward? Well you’re probably not alone. Many people have lost a lot of sleep to this strange time change. What is Spring Forward and why do we have it? Well there are many reasons that might surprise you.

Many people refer to the time change as Spring Forward. The official term is called daylight savings time. According to timeanddate.com daylight savings time, is when we set our clocks forward an hour in the summer and back an hour during the fall. We do this so that we make better use of sunlight during the spring. This is why we experienced Spring Forward on March 11th.

Why does everyone hate it so much though? One reason is because it messes up people’s sleep schedule. People tend to dislike when their sleep is messed with. We asked a couple of students how it affected their sleep and here is what they had to say, “Because of this Spring forward thing I not only lost sleep but I also lost some sanity,” said Ashston Perna. Another student, Nathan Kopicko said, “I lost a little sleep and I also became less attentive in school because of this.”

While daylight savings time affects people in a negative way. Others believe that it has some positive effects. People believe that it saves electricity, however according to Time and Date the amount of energy we save is so small that it doesn’t make a difference, in fact it actually increased the amount of energy used in Indiana in 2006. Another myth that others believed was that daylights savings was made to help farmers. This however is not true, and this ruined their schedules. Because of this it rushed them in the mornings to get crops to the market.

This is why many people really dislike daylight savings time. Not only does it affect your sleep but it also doesn’t save as much energy as you would think.