Cutting Down on Your Ecological Footprint

A guide to living green


Emma Smith, Writer

The daunting evidence of climate change is becoming increasingly overwhelming. Our land is being poisoned by oil, plastic, and other pollutants. All these aspects can make it seem like we can’t make a difference in the world individually, especially when it comes to saving our environment. However, there are simple and easy changes that you can make to help our planet stay green and ensure our future on a healthy, sustainable earth.

We’ve all seen advertisements with metal straws and Whole Foods customers being overly excited over fair-trade chickpeas, and this may be your image of what “being green” means.  Helping the environment doesn’t necessarily mean buying expensive, new things to live an ethical lifestyle. Helping the environment can be doing something as simple as turning the light off after you leave a room, or taking a shorter shower. Turning off electronics like TVs or computers when you’re done using them, reducing heating and air conditioner use, and using less water when doing dishes can all have a major impact on your carbon footprint. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, by doing something as simple as turning off your sink when you’re brushing your teeth, you can save up to 200 gallons of water a month. Individual efforts to maintaining a green earth can promote positive change.

Whether it be bring your own bag to the grocery store or a reusable cup to your favorite coffee shop, small changes in your lifestyle can make a change in our future on this planet. Simply by making these few changes in your life, you can impact your future and the future of our earth.