Lake Fenton Robotics

Samantha Burtch, Hayley Williams, Co Print Editor, Writer

Lake Fenton High School’s Robotics Team participated in a competition at Mason High School on the 5th of April, 2019. Schools from all over came to participate and showcase their talents, and well-built robots. Between the funny announcers, the upbeat and energetic crowd, and the intensity of the participants, this robotics competition was one for the books. Preparation for the competition was stressful but invigorating, according to the members of the robotics team. With a few last minute adjustments, and slight issues with getting the robot put together in time, Lake Fenton did its best to beat the opposing teams. During the competition, Lake Fenton put up a good fight but lost to the previous year’s champion team. However, the blue devils did good throughout the day, and their efforts did not go unnoticed.

Robotics is a fun way to inspire students to study and get involved in STEM-related fields. With all of the growing technological advancements, robotics isn’t just a hobby, but also an investment in the future. Robotics is even recognized on a national level, with National Robotics Week being from April 6th-14th. Lake Fenton is lucky to have the robotics program, which is lead by Daniel Shoultz’s family. Lake Fenton’s Robotics Team is a great team to join if you are interested in programming, problem solving, mathematics, or science. It is also a great team to join in order to make friends and have fun. When asked what the Robotics Team is looking for in new members, Joel McDonald  stated, “as long as someone is willing to put in the work, is willing to learn, can meet deadlines, and put down their phone in order to do a good job, anyone can join. My advice is to just do it.” Most of the other Robotics Team members were in agreeance with Joel’s statement. The Robotics Team isn’t just deadlines and hard work however, just like any other group, they are fun, interesting, and entertaining. Robotics gives students the opportunity to create, explore, and grow. Consider giving Robotics a try, and learn how to not just make advancements as an individual, but also learn to how to make advancements in the world.