Review: The Hate U Give

Emma Smith, Writer

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is a novel about a 16 year old black girl named Starr Carter. Starr lives between the rich, white world of her school and the reality of her poor, black community. The story follows her as she comes face to face with violent racism in the form of police brutality. After her experience with this, Starr becomes involved with activism. Starr is placed under the spotlight, and must deal with the inequalities of police brutality and the law. The characters in this story are so deeply complex and endearing, that it forces you to form connections with them as the novel continues. I highly recommend this book as a story that is political and enlightening, as well as entertaining and enjoyable. I interviewed LF students and staff who have read the book, and they further explained why this book is special. When asked why she thinks other people should read this book, Mrs. Chapman said, “I think it is a realistic interpretation of what some people’s experiences (are), and it’s not an experience that many Lake Fenton students have had.” Mrs. Taneyhill shared how “(the book) was very eye-opening.” and that “There is a lot of relatability factor, so that anybody from any age can relate to some of the struggles that the characters have, but also the current-event references and pop-culture references.” Liliana Benjamin shares the book through a students perspective, saying “The same stuff is happening right now; race is a big topic right now.”, showing how important the topics discussed in the novel were. This book can be found in the high school library as well as many of the English classrooms’ bookshelves.