Business etiquette

Samantha Burtch, Co-print Editor


Working at a fast food place can be very difficult. Keeping up with the busy lunch and dinner rushes, and having to deal with awful customers can make it ten times worse. Next time going through a drive through, or walking inside a restaurant, let’s try to make things easier for the employees, and let them know that they are appreciated. Just because it’s a fast food joint such as McDonalds or Burger King, does not mean that they do not work just as hard as anyone else. More than one in three people eat out, and they are the ones who serve you. Showing just a little amount of respect can completely change someone’s mood, and brighten their day.

Worker Brian Fournier Jr., says he has been working at McDonalds for over four years now, and he loves it, while working there he cannot stand some people that come thru the drive through, or that come inside. He emphasizes how hard he and his staff all work to make each and every customer satisfied, but some people just ruin his effort and motivation to serve. The biggest pet peeve he has about working at McDonalds is when people completely ignore him while talking on the phone when going through the drive thru, or when they are smoking a cigarette and blowing it through the window. He says it happens more often than you’d think. He stresses that when people thank him for his time, smile, and makes conversation, that is what makes my job worth the time and effort.

What you say and how you act towards people in the fast food industry can completely change their day, and yours too. Lets try and pass on a good attitude and make the world a little easier.



Greet with a smile

Let the worker take their time

Have a nice attitude

Have patience

Think about being in their shoes

If there is something wrong with your order, be calm and let them know politely

End all phone calls before approaching worker

Have full attention of what is going on

Use inside voices

Know what you are going to get walking up to the counter or drive thru

Say thank you

Acknowledge workers existence  



Talk on the phone

Have a rude attitude

Rush the worker

Not make eye contact

Act like no one is talking to you

Toss food at the worker

Come in with a bad attitude

Yell at the employees

Smoke any substance through drive through

Change your order last minute

Complain because someone is new

Ignore the fact that someone is handing you money or food and just drive off