Summer sports beginning soon

Kerrigan Howdeshell, Writer

With summer just around the corner and school coming to an end, it is easy to think that school sports are stopping but that is not the case. Many of the school teams have already started to prepare for the 2019-2020 year. The girls basketball team has already started open gym and workouts. There have been a couple open gyms on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 7pm to about 8:15pm. Anyone who is interested in playing basketball is welcome to come. They are wasting no time, and getting right to work so they can perform better for the upcoming season. The girls varsity basketball team has many league games in June and a team camp in July. It is not just the girls that are getting ready, the boys have been putting in their time in the gym after school.

The football team is holding open weight room sessions to anyone who is interested for the 2019-2020 seas. The season is going to come faster than they know it, so they are getting to work to become the best that they can. There is a team camp in August that will help everyone get to know each other and know who they will be playing with. It will also allow the coaches to get to know the players, and understand the players that they are going to be coaching. There will be lifting sessions in the mornings so all the players can get fit and be ready to go. If there are enough freshman that tryout then they will be making a freshman team this year.

Lake Fenton girls volleyball team has started a summer league for anyone who wants to play. This will help them prepare for the upcoming season and hone their skills for the upcoming season. They will be playing games against schools in this area to prepare for the season. There will also be open gyms and practices throughout the summer.