Things to do over the summer

Lonna Perna, Writer

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On the last weeks of school teachers and students are counting down the days, preparing for a nice long break for summer. Many people tend to plan out things to do or have many events that they are planning to attend. Although, most people can agree that at one point or another you end up running out of things to do or you become bored. There are many fun and affordable ways to solve boredom.

  1. Make a bucket list
  2. Attempt to make homemade ice cream
  3. Go to a downtown area
  4. Make a music playlist
  5. Follow an online yoga video
  6. Go to a concert
  7. Paint furniture
  8. Have a campfire
  9. Write a letter to someone
  10. Go on a hike
  11. Attempt to make something using a DIY tutorial from pinterest
  12. Redo your room
  13. Go thrift shopping
  14. Have a beach day with friends
  15. Go play with animals at an animal shelter