Earth Club

Emma Smith

    These days, it really seems as if  students care more about sea turtles than Algebra. It’s rare to find a scrunchie-clad wrist that isn’t holding a reusable Starbucks cup and a stainless steel straw. This generation can’t help but be conscious of their ecological footprint, especially since they’re constantly exposed to social media stories reporting major storms, glaciers melting, or animals going extinct.With climate change being a constant threat, many students have been taking it upon themselves to make greener choices, such as reusable water bottles or like I mentioned before, metal straws. This generation is actively aware of the planets future, and they are trying to make it better. Now, there’s a club for these conscious students.

    Earth Club is a meeting place for those who are dedicated and passionate about making the world a more sustainable place. The focus will be on creating greener options for the school and our surrounding community. This club will include park cleanup days, recycling drives, and a variety of other activities to help make the earth a little bit greener. Give a little love back to our planet and Join Earth Club! Meetings are every Monday after school in A210, Mr. Dimichs’ room.