Different Types of Colleges: Where are you going?



Emily Lemerand, Editor

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    In this day in age, there are a million different options for graduating students that are advancing into the “real world.” Speaking of different options, how about college? Maybe a community or junior college? How about a university? Maybe a liberal arts or technical college? Who knows! There’s so many different options! 

    The most well known type of college is a community college (also called a junior college), mostly because it allows students to get a faster, less expensive education instead of going to a university. A community college focuses on two year degrees (associate) instead of a four year program. 

    So, what’s the difference with a university? For starters, a university tends to be much larger and includes programs that are intended for specific careers. Universities offer more choices, and those classes seem to be larger. Rather than a community college, they provide four year degrees and offer doctorate programs.

    A trade school is offered as a post secondary education to students who are looking into a specific career. Such as those becoming an electrician or having a career in construction. A trade school gives students hands-on training in order to be proficient in their field. Also, these types of schools are called technical schools, and they offer shorter, quicker programs to get you out into your chosen field.

    A liberal college is offered to those who are planning on attending a four year college aiming for a bachelor degree in programs including arts, humanities, social services, and sciences. They offer one large, in depth area of study, and other colleges offer broken down courses that might take a couple degrees to complete. 

    High school seniors must think about where they are planning to do, and what they want to accomplish. In order to get the education they want, students must think about what college will suit them best.