Fun Places to Visit this Fall


Hayley Williams

    Colorful leaves, brisk mornings, hot beverages, and thrilling adventures are all staples of a Michigan autumn. In Fenton, there’s plenty of fall inspired places you can visit to make the changing of seasons a memorable time. 

    One example of a fun place to visit, is a pumpkin patch. What’s more “fall” than carving a spooky or silly face into a pumpkin for Halloween. A pumpkin patch has endless possibilities for fun activities, such as cute date idea, a fun photography spot, or simply an entertaining activity to do with friends and family. Going to a pumpkin patch is a great location to visit to help get in the spirit of the fall season. 

    Another fun place to visit this fall is an Apple Orchard. The beautiful changing leaves, nice ripe variety of apples, apple cider, warm atmosphere, and corn mazes. Whether you go just for the views or you actually pick apples, going to the apple orchard is a fun experience regardless. 

    This autumn, another enjoyable place to visit is the movie theater. During the fall, there are plenty of new release films. Cuddling up and watching a movie is the perfect way to spend the cold days of fall with your loved ones and closest friends. 

     Another exciting place to visit in the fall is a haunted house. Haunted houses offer both thrills and chills. Some haunted houses you could visit are Exit 13, Spooky trails, Rotten Manor, etc. Whether you go with  friends, or if you are brave enough to go alone, haunted houses are a perfect place to visit during fall. 

    Other fun places include football games, coffee houses, or hiking trails. No matter what you choose to do, autumn is the perfect time to go out and experience new adventures. Cozy sweaters, beautiful scenery, and spooky times are all part of a Michigan autumn. These are a few ideas on how to make your fall one to remember, help you to make memories, and chase adventures.