Tik Tok at Lake Fenton High School

Mackenzie Moore

Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. I bet you thought it was over. What more social media could “Gen Zers” possibly need? Tik Tok is definitely the new social media craze, previously known as music.ly, the app where you can post up to 60 second videos consisting of content ranging from dancing, singing, comedy, lip-syncing and more. When you see teenage girls all doing the same dance screaming “RENEGADE,” you can blame Tik Tok. This app has even been compared to the old social media platform, Vine, which was shut down in 2017. Tik Tok has caused many songs and dances to become very popular.

Some people are even benefiting from this app and becoming famous. For example, 15 year old Charli D’amelio has created a fanbase with her 17.7 million followers, who love to watch her dance to the most popular trends. People create these Tik Tok videos in hope to become “Tik Tok famous” or just because they are “fun to make.” Brad Holder (@bradcholder), senior at Lake Fenton High School with the most Tik Tok followers (15.3k) and his highest liked video at 162.8k, commented, “I hope it lasts,” when asked what it felt like to have an ounce of “Tik Tok fame.”