All About the Student Advisory Club

Taylor Sands

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes with the student advisory club? The student advisory club is a group of students that meet up to talk about things going on in the school. This club was brought together by Mr. Belcher, and consists of three seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen. They go over many different subjects such as spirit week, pep assemblies and other activities that are going on within the school.

When asked how the student advisory club is beneficial, Junior, Joey Gilbert replied, “The staff gets a better view on the student’s perspectives about what’s happening in the school which helps solve more problems.” The students in the club say that the club is very enjoyable. While talking about things going on within the school they are also holding conversations within each other which is nice. “I think it’s helped students other than student council to give their opinions on how to fix things around the school,” Ben Muenzer. The student advisory club aims to help issues within the school. Samantha Schulze an outsider from the club states, “It’s going to make the school better by giving the teachers a students perspective on attacking problems.”

A numerous amount of students are thrilled to see where this club leads Lake Fenton High School in the future.