To My Future Self

Maclin Perigo

Have you ever thought about where everyone, as in your peers are going after college or what other people are doing? There are many different pathways to follow when we are all growing up and many decisions to be made. There are many different things you can do after high school that can be considered “successful” when in Lake Fenton students were asked “What do you want to be when your older and why?” Senior Gabrielle Smith replied with, “A teacher because I want to be able to help kids.” Gavin Lawrence, a junior, claims he

“Wants to be an electrician because they make good money and I don’t have to go to college.”  That is a prime example on how not everyone needs or wants to go to college to be successful. 

I made sure to ask people who decided to go to college and why and when I asked Paige Moser, senior, says, “I have chosen Grand Valley because there are a lot of internship opportunities for internships in hospitals.” She is focusing straight on her career in life.  When asking people what they want to be, where they want to go and what there opinions were. There were many interesting answers,and pathways that our peers are planning on.