Mamma Mia Play

Morgan DeRidder

Involvement in theatre is one of the many beneficial experiences that a high school student can have, just like participating in athletics or a school club. Something that not a lot of people realize about theatre is that not only are the people on stage an important part of the production but the people who are backstage contribute a lot to the show as well. 

Lake Fenton High School Theatre is putting on “Mamma Mia,” a romantic musical as this year’s winter show. Mamma Mia is the story of mother Donna, played by sophomore, Ruby Todd, and daughter Sophie, played by sophomore, Madeline Gibb, who is the bride to be, trying to find her birth father. The story is told by a number of hit songs by the popular 1970’s group, ABBA. The first show was on January 30th and the last show is on February 9th in the high school auditorium. The cast and crew have put in endless hours of hard work into the upcoming production, so make sure you make time to come out and see it!