SAT Preparation

Celeste Groth

With SAT’s coming up, the juniors need to make sure they are prepared. The SAT will help colleges decide whether or not they are interested in the student, and for most college applications SAT scores are a requirement. To help get ready for the SAT there are many resources to study from. For example, College Board is a great source to study from. Simply log-in using your school account and there are practice tests to do. On College Board, students may also look at their past PSAT scores and see what areas they need to improve on. 

Another resource is Khan Academy, which has individual lessons for both math and reading to help students understand the material that is commonly seen on the SAT. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble are textbooks and flashcards made by Barron. The study books have practice tests and explain the material on the SAT. Before the SAT, some teachers will hold study sessions after school. 

It is recommended that students don’t cram a bunch of information into their heads the night before the SAT. Instead, start studying intensely a few weeks in advance. Before taking the SAT, make sure to get lots of rest, and eat good, healthy food. Try your best to not stress out too much. Most importantly just try your best! Good luck Juniors!