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Homeschool: Myth Vs. Reality

Abigail Ramsey, Writer

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A lot of people think of homeschool as the place where all of the troubled and oddball kids go. It’s for the kids who never fit in quite right. It’s a place where someone is cut off from a social life.

Not all of those myths are true. I came across a lot of unique kids in the eight years I was homeschooled, and I mean, a lot. There were kids who were normal and really outgoing, kids who played video games at home instead of talking to other kids, and some could definitely fit in with the homeschool stereotypes. A lot of us had the exact same opportunities as any other kids who were in public school, and even more. We had more time to do things outside of school and learned more things, too. Here are some myths addressed:


Myth: Homeschooled kids don’t socialize.

Reality: We take field trips, often with other homeschooled kids. We even have homecoming, even though it’s not at a school, homeschooling parents come together to plan it and find other places like churches to have it at. When you’re homeschooled, there is more time to do things outside of school. I went to a lot of different parties and get-togethers through family, church and sports. I’d be with other homeschooled kids too. I also have friends who went to public school. We hang out every week.


Myth: Parents aren’t qualified to teach.

Reality: I think this isn’t true for all homeschooling parents. While some might take this as a chance to slack off, like their kids, many of the parents that I met were more engaged in their kids’ schooling than I’ve seen with any parent who has kids in public school. Parents who homeschool even make their own lesson plans and prepare their kids for the school year. There are also programs that teach for their parents, like the one that I had through my elementary and middle school years. Almost all of the kids that I know that were homeschooled have high grades in most of their classes.


Myth: Extra-curricular activities are unavailable.

Reality: There are sports teams that are meant for homeschool kids to compete against other homeschool teams. It’s fun for the kids in the sports teams, and a lot come back next season. There are also homeschool organizations that support students and their families, offering a lot of activities to bring students together. I would say that homeschooled kids have more opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities than kids in public school.


Myth: Homeschool parents act as “teacher,” creating a curriculum and giving instruction.

Realty: I know a lot of parents that made their own curriculum, but I also know a lot that let programs teach their kids. I would say both work depending on the parent and the child. Homeschooling teaches both the parent and their kid responsibility, and even though my mom wasn’t my personal teacher, she still made sure that all of us were on track with our lessons. She would make sure we finished each school year with good grades and a good understanding of what we learned.


Myth: Homeschooled kids get the day off and do not get a good education.

Reality: Sometimes this may be true, but the majority have parents who keep their kids on task, and are more directly involved in the education process than people think. There is pressure put on both parents and kids to perform well, making them try to prove everyone wrong- that the myths are just myths. I went from homeschool to private school and adjusted pretty well, even on social standards.


A lot of kids in homeschool get a bad rap for being quiet and shy, and I do agree that some of the kids that are homeschooled are like that, but I met kids that had a lot of different personalities. I met kids that were outgoing and friendly, kids that stayed at home all day in their pajamas, and kids that were definitely some of the weirdest people I’ve ever met. The kids I met resemble a lot of the kids I’ve met in public school. It all depends on the personality.

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Homeschool: Myth Vs. Reality