Personality Profile

It was the biggest game of the season- the first game that began the playoffs. The goal was to crush Williamston like we did the first time, and Devil fans supported their team ‘til the end. Here’s a profile on one of the Lake Fenton football stars to help you get to know the Devils:

Jarrett Trombley, #3

Position: Slot

Favorite color: Royal blue

Favorite football player: Johnny Manziel because it’s Chris Tomczak’s favorite player

Age you started football? 4th grade

Other sports: Wrestling and underwater basket weaving

Favorite food: Alfredo

Favorite subject in school: Gym

Best friend: Jackson Nevadomski

Words to describe you? Short, smart, athletic

Inspirations: Myself

Favorite candy: Skittles

Favorite movie: “Fast and Furious” movies

Strengths: Good writer, humble, and hardworking

Weaknesses: Bad penmanship, short, and small hands (can be hard to catch a football)

Personal hero: My dad

Pet peeve: When teeth cling on forks

Hobbies: Wrestling, being outdoors, and watching “The Walking Dead”

Favorite college football team: North Carolina State