Sweater Weather Has Arrived



Jazmyne Boone, Writer

It’s that time of year again- the time for you to pack up the shorts and bring out the sweaters. Even though Michigan’s colder months are quickly approaching us, that does not mean that you can’t be cute and cozy at the same time. These five wardrobe pieces will help you get through the frigid fall alive.

1. Blanket Scarfs


Whether it be plaid, or just an autumnal color, a big scarf is always a good way to

be warm while looking cute. They keep you hidden from the strong winds of fall,

and keep you from feeling the cold air of the school.

2. Boots


From Uggs to Bearpaw, there are an infinite number of boots to choose from.

They can be ankle boots or over-the-knee, but warm and comfy are the best

option. Not only are they comfortable, but they can be thrown on with any outfit

and still look stylish.

3. Jackets


Jackets are a necessity for the colder months, and the most important element of

fall fashion when it comes to staying warm. They are perfect for layering, and can make a simple outfit a lot better. It doesn’t matter if it’s jean, army, or furry. As long as you have one, you are ready for fall.

4. Dresses


Some think that dresses are only for the warm weather, but if you wear them the right way then you can pull them off year-round. Sweater dresses are the warmest way to go; however, any dress can be warm if you wear it with tights or socks and a cardigan over top.

5. Sweaters

Sweaters are the article of clothing that comes to people’s minds when you

mention fall fashion. They can be worn with anything, and are a wardrobe basic that everybody should own because you can just throw them on and still look cute.