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Thompson Road Construction

Extra turn lane costing Fenton $1,420,000

Samantha Burtch, Writer

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On July 24, the Genesee County Road Commission decided to widen Thompson Road by putting an extra turn lane in, partly to make it easier for trucks and semis to turn into the new Miller Industries LLC corporation. It was also meant to help smooth out traffic so it doesn’t take as long to get down the road. Doing this construction gives them time to improve the drainage issues, reconstruct the bumps and potholes, and resurface.

It wasn’t until November that the Fenton Township Board of Trustees approved the funding, then voted for cost participation with the Genesee County Road Commission. Altogether in price, they assume it will cost about $1.4 million, with $896,000 coming from the Transportation Economic Development Fund, $284,000 from the Genesee County Road Commission, and $240,000 from Fenton Township itself.

According to a story on ABC12 News, the manager of Canadian Steak Fish & Sandwich had her own opinion about the five-month road construction project.

“Waitresses get paid from tips, and with road construction, we lose about 25% of our people. We thought they would at least keep the runway open for us, but again, like last time, they have not.”

Chad Miller, the manager of Miller Industries, has a different opinion. “The cooperation we received from the Michigan Department of Transportation towards the improvements of the Thompson Road corridor is greatly appreciated. Not only will it serve to draw new businesses to this corridor, but will allow current users greater efficiency and much safer commutes,” Miller stated in his ABC12 interview.

They were slated to be done on October 31 with all construction; however, it’s not complete yet. As a matter of fact, the westbound lane is still closed and not yet paved. This construction has been said to help fix many issues that Thompson Road once had, like making more room for fabricating employees, freight traffic, and easier turning into the businesses down this road.

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Thompson Road Construction