Where Are They Now?


Madalyn Newcombe

Brie Newcombe, Writer

Madalyn Newcombe graduated from Lake Fenton High School in the spring of 2016. As well as being friends with many people, she was a member of the band. Throughout her years at Lake Fenton she played three different instruments- trombone, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Madalyn was involved in many AP classes. She works at Family Video on North Leroy Street in Fenton and has recently been promoted to Assistant Manager. Madalyn is a proud cat mom of Luna, and she attends MOTT Community College. She is halfway to getting her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

When did you graduate?


Did you enjoy your school experience? Why/why not?

Loved band, school was okay

What do you do for work?

Family Video (Assistant manager)

Where do you go to College?

Mott almost done with her bachelors in business management

Are you enjoying life?

Yes, tons of friends, most from high school

What do you do for fun?

Study, work, hang out with friends