Review: “Stranger Things 2”

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Review: “Stranger Things 2”

Sydney Upcraft, Print Editor

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A year later and Hawkins, Indiana has not yet recovered from the demogorgon – well, at least the people who know about it haven’t recovered. Instead of finally coming to full terms with everything, Hawkins is struck by a new monster – The Shadow Monster (or Mind Flayer).

The hype for the new season was at an ultimate high days before the release. The questions of “Where is Eleven?” and “What about Barbara?” along with others, resurface, and thankfully, the show delivered.

Far from the first season with doom and gloom, “Stranger Things 2” brings a new air of laughter and joy. But along with the joy comes a new fear, unlike the mystery that the demogorgon held. The Shadow Monster is something that doesn’t overtake the entire plot, at least in the beginning.

All the characters take over a separate problem, from Dustin adopting a mini-demogorgon, to exposing the Hawkins Lab for the lies.

Not all the problems involve the supernatural though. The romance lives on in the new season with the love triangle of Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy. Steve has major character development in the new season, bringing both the boys up to par with one another for Nancy’s affection. Nancy doesn’t get all the love, though, with brother Mike in a dream-like state over the loss of Eleven. And no one can deny the obvious chemistry between Hopper and Joyce.

Overall, season 2 of “Stranger Things 2” was a complete masterpiece, bringing in new concepts and new people (like the hunk, but total jerk Billy, and his “mad” sister Max). The humor was a happy break from the underlying drama and horror that attacks a small town in Indiana.

Who knows what the next season will bring? All we can hope for is that maybe, just maybe, the town of Hawkins will catch a break.