Math Matters


Kirk Ayotte

Jazmyne Boone, Writer

On November 3, the Lake Fenton High School mathletes competed against several other schools in the 2017 Mott Community College Mathematics Competition. According to Mott Community College, there are 12 tests altogether- the first six being non-calculator, and on the last six, calculators are allowed. Each test has four questions with a time limit of ten minutes, so each group completes a total of 48 questions.

Lake Fenton’s team consisted of two groups: Team A and Team B. Based off of individual teams, Team A received the highest score. However, Team B scored 10th place as an individual team. Rachel Learman, who was on Team B, said that she was not surprised they received that place because, “it was hard, and they had stronger people,” referring to the other teams.

The students who are on the Mathletes team were asked to join by Mr. Ayotte, who was pleasantly surprised that they did so well in the competition.

“We had no after school practice, no working on it during school,” he said. The team members prepared for the competition on their own time and he was like an advisor. “You can call me coach, but I’m just the driver,” said Ayotte.

When the two Lake Fenton teams’ scores were added together, they received 3rd place overall, with a score of 46. Sadly, this was the first and only competition for our Lake Fenton Mathletes this year, because it is an annual competition. With the members being seniors and leaving soon, hopefully next year Lake Fenton can have as good of a team as this year.