Restaurant Review

Sam’s in creek provides cozy experience

Tyler Nelson, Business Manager


    In today’s day and age, it’s sometimes unheard of to sit down in a restaurant and enjoy a nice warm meal. Part of that is because people are always in a rush- we now have fast food restaurants that put these sit-down restaurants in the shadows. However, if you’re looking for a cozy place to eat, try Sam’s Italian Restaurant. This restaurant is a diamond in the rough, and it gives off comfortable vibes which is awesome when it comes to sit-down dining.

    At Sam’s, located at 4105 Grand Blanc Road in Swartz Creek, I met with the owner of the business, Frank Salvati. He told me that Sam’s has been open for 45 years, and with personal experience here, I can see why. The lighting is a calming dim, but light enough to see the menu and the decorations all over the walls. The restaurant is decorated with sports memorabilia and other posters. It really is a gem in the dining business.

    Sam’s has great service, as well. My server made sure I wasn’t bored while I was waiting for my food and checked in on my table every once in awhile, filling my drinks when they were empty and making sure my food was delivered in good timing.

    When I was ready to leave, I got my bill, and the price was astonishing- in a good way, of course. For a large plate of their Samorito’s, it was just under $6. The deep-fried treats were so good- definitely worth $6.

I encourage everyone to go to Sam’s and try their food, because you will not be disappointed with the comfortable atmosphere, friendly service, and amazing prices.