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Going Green

Benefits of natural medicine often overlooked

Alyssa Gillespie, Social Media Editor

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Holistic doctors have been plastered with the image of being witch doctors, crazy people, and delusional- all because their method of healing is based on natural remedies and different from your everyday doctor.

The population today largely relies on modern day medicine, but many of them don’t know just how much switching to alternative or natural medicine could benefit them- both financially and healthwise.

    The goal of a holistic doctor is to treat the symptoms of an illness and not just the illness itself. Whether it be through diet management, natural remedies, IV nutrient therapy, or any other form of treatment, they aim to stay away from conventional drugs.

    A patient from EU Cancer Center in Phoenix with lymphoma spent months re-creating not only his life, but changing his fate. He was told by regular doctors that he was too far along and that there was nothing they could do to help him. He turned to holistic medicine and today he is alive, well, and cancer-free.

    Don’t let society tell you if something is a good or bad idea. Do research and decide for yourself, no matter how unusual something seems, because it just might save your life.

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Going Green